Babies R Us Cashier Review from Ashburn, Virginia

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I purchased a Munchkin Nursery Projector today at the Owings Mills Babies R Us store which was on sale, but cashier on the #4 register (transaction #0252:1) at the time rang up my purchase st the original full price. After I brought it to her attention that the item was on sale, she called for assistance which was rude, but finally corrected the error.

While I was leaving the store with my purchase, both cashier and assistant laughed and made comments in reference to my dissatisfaction.

I decided to continue to leave the store in order to avoid further disruption. ..NOT PLEASED WITH THE UNPROFESSIONAL AND UNSATISFACTORY TREATMENT GIVEN TO ME.

Product or Service Mentioned: Babies R Us Cashier.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Babies R Us - Cashier Review from Port Perry, Ontario

Port Perry,Ontario

My husband was purchasing a gate for our twins, the cashier asked if he wanted to get the warranty. He told her no, but she kept going and he kept saying, "no thank you," and finally he said, "lady, I'm not going to buy it." This was after she kept trying to sell it.

So she accused him of being rude and stormed off telling a fellow cashier to take over. If it was just him there he would have left the gate, however because of this we will never again shop at Babies R Us or Toys R Us.

Product or Service Mentioned: Babies R Us Cashier.

Babies R Us - Horrible experience with customer service


My name is Erin and I am a daycare owner and new mother of twin boys. I registered with Babies R Us when I was pregnant with my twins, not anticipating any sort of problems.

My husband's boss (who lives out of state), decided to buy us a gift card. She called Babies R Us customer service to inquire as to how to purchase a regular gift card that we could use for any item in the store. She was transferred several times but finally was able to purchase what she thought was a gift card for $100. She asked my husband if we had received the gift card and we said that we had not.

She chose e-mail as the delivery method, but I never received any e-mail that contained information about a gift card. She then forwarded me her confirmation information regarding the $100 gift card purchase she had made. I called two different Babies R Us stores, neither of whom were able to help me. I then called the Babies R Us customer service phone number and was transferred several times and wasted about a half hour of my time.

The customer service representative was finally able to forward the gift card information to me. I then printed this out and my husband and infant sons ventured out for our first outing since they were born. They were new babies and we wanted to make it a quick trip. We had planned to spend the gift card money on a second bouncy seat, as we only had one and both boys enjoyed it.

We quickly found a bouncy seat that we liked and went to checkout using the gift card information that Babies R Us customer service had forwarded me during my half hour phone conversation with them. When we went to checkout the cashier said, "Oh, we can't use this. There's no bar code. We need a bar code to scan in order to redeem this gift card." We had our two new babies with us, who were beginning to fuss, and I was extremely frustrated, especially since I had printed out what had come directly from their customer service department.

We requested to speak to a manager. She came over and informed us that what had been purchased for us was $100 for our VIB baby card (why had customer service not given my husband's boss what she had asked to purchase? A regular standard gift card)? The manager informed us that unless we had our VIB baby card, we would not be able to access the $100 that had been added to it.

When I did my baby registry, no one told me about the VIB baby card. No one told me, hey, you might want to hang onto this or you will not be able to access any money that is put on it. I took the bag full of samples and advertisements given to me for registering and threw out the majority of the items inside. I recall coming across the card and tossing it out.

To me, it represented the equivalent of a punch card or any other card that just sits in your wallet with no purpose. The manager was growing increasingly frustrated with me that I did not have the illusive VIB baby card. I asked her to call customer service to see how we could access this $100. I was completely and totally baffled that such a mega corporation had no physical means of looking up my VIB baby card information.

I absolutely could not believe that I was the only person with access to that information through this card that I did not have because I was not told that it was important. I lost track of how many times the manager was transferred when she, with mounting frustration demanded, "How many more times are you going to transfer me, because I've already been transferred 6 times." After about a half hour of her speaking on the phone with them, I took my babies to the car as they were getting hungry. And in the parking lot of Babies R Us, in the backseat of my car, I attempted to nurse both babies and calm them down because of the amount of time the entire ordeal was taking. I waited in the car with my babies for another half hour, crying because I was so frustrated and ready to get my babies home.

My husband later informed me that the manager had been on the phone with Babies R Us customer service for an hour total. In the end they assigned us a new VIB baby card, which could only be used on diapers, wipes, and formula. I am an exclusively breastfeeding mother and my husband works for Kimberly Clark, where we receive an abundance of diapers and wipes. We did not need diapers, wipes, or formula.

We needed a second bouncy seat that we would have been able to purchase, had customer service correctly assisted my husband's boss in purchasing the gift card that she had set out to purchase for us in the first place. I will never again shop at Babies R Us.

If I have another baby, I will register with their competitors, and will encourage all of my friends and daycare parents to do the same.

Product or Service Mentioned: Babies R Us Cashier.

Monetary Loss: $100.

Babies r us registry

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Babies r us writes on the registry that the consumer is "requesting the protection plan and batteries" for the electronic items. I approached the cashier with my item and asked if all registries have this written on them.

She told me no, the registrant requests it. I was suspicious and stepped out of line to call my friend who created the registry. I contacted the maker of the registry and she said she never requested this. When I got back up to the cashier I told her that my friend did not request this.

The cashier said "oh well it must do that automatically". The cashier also forgot to mark my item off the registry and told me I had to go into another line at customer service to have it taken off. Wow.

Bad business practice. Check with the registrant before buying these so-called "requested" protection plans.

Product or Service Mentioned: Babies R Us Cashier.


Troy, Michigan, United States #614002

When people register they have to check a box that says something along the lines of "Are protection plans welcome on your registry."

I know this from registering recently, when I read the question I then preceded to ask what the protection plan was and then made my decision. I checked no and my registry does not say that I requested any protection plans.

Babies R Us - Bad Return Policy-Just wanted to Exchange

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I went to a Babiesrus yesterday to exchange a dress that my mother had purchased for my daugter. After waiting in line for 10min I was told by the returns cashier that they no longer take back returns with out a receipt starting today.

I then asked for a manager and was told the same thing. I was not wanting to return the dress I was simply wanting to exchange the size. I then asked to read there return policy. No where on there policy does it state that if you do not have a receipt or if they are not able to look it up by credit card that they will not take it back.

It simply states that they have the right to refuse my return. My husband and I were also going to be purchasing some other things from there store that day, but since they would not exchange the dress I decided to take my business to another retailer. We will also not be registering with babiesrus for our new baby. They have lost my business and I hope that you will think twice before purchasing anything from them.

They are bad to do business with.

Product or Service Mentioned: Babies R Us Cashier.

Monetary Loss: $20.



Oh nice, Megan. You shoplifted a dress from Babies R Us.

And you wonder why the return policy is how it is. It's designed to prevent what you just did. And now all consumers pay for it with higher prices.

Thanks. Thanks a lot.


Yeah I told them all I wanted was a different size. So after we left the store and got in the car my husband got mad.

He walked back in with the dress went to the rack with the dresses and made the exchange himself. As he walked out he waved to the manager and said "thanks for exchanging my daughters dress". The manager replied "I did not and will not exchange it". My husband laughed and said "you just did and did not know it".

So in the end my daughter now has a dress that she could we wear.

It is now 2011 and we now have twins. I refused to register with them and did not buy a single thing from them for our twins!!!

to Megan #685663

You stole from the company and then want to complain about them. Lol your logic..


This is why I never registered with BRU. Well that and I dont expect people to pay the absurb BRU prices.


Return policy is horrendous, clerks are rude. Minor store management is rude.

After telling the minor store management that I would contact the Atty General's Office in our state of Massachusetts, the minor management relented and exchanged 2 Pampers 96 count baby diapers for a larger size. The diapers were on our daughter's registry and were purchased at this BrU store. Is it Fraud they are perpetuating? Be very careful if you enter a Babies r Us store, you may be stuck with the item.

When baby shower gifts are purchased, your infant may have grown out of the gift that was purchased. There is no customer courtesy in this store. Go somewhere else to buy your baby items or to register for your baby shower. Stay away from this company.

Spend your hard earned money somewhere else where you will be appreciated. Shame on Babies r Us.


there return sucks only 90 days after an item is purchased off the registery too!!! What if your shower is the 91st day you are stuck with gifts. not going there off to buy buy baby

Warnes, Santa Cruz Province, Argentina #28682

Yes I explained that I wanted a different size and I was still told that they were no longer able to do exchanges with out a receipt or credit card to look it up.


Did you try to explain that all you wanted was a different size? It doesn't say in your reports that you ASKED for a different size..just that you wanted to RETURN it.

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