About a month and a half ago, I purchased a $200 e-gift card for my friend. It was delivered to his e-mail and when he went to go spend it, he was told that it was already spent and that there was only about $5.00 left on it.

Although he has tried to resolve the issue with customer service, he was told that I (as the purchaser) have to be the one that calls in. After being sent through many depts. I still don't have this issue solved. At first I dealt with regular online customer service who eventually directed me to corporate guest relations.

I was told that they will open an investigation and expect to hear back in two weeks. Of course I never got a call back so I called back two weeks later, and it seemed like nothing was really done. She said she will open up the investigation now. So I wasted two weeks of waiting.

I called back a week later and they said that because the investigation is still open, I should call back in another week. I called back two weeks later, and am now told that because this was an online purchase, I should call the online customer service number (which, by the way, is the same number I've been calling since the beginning of this whole fiasco).

I am not going to stop until I get my money back or they resend another gift card worth $200

It's quite unfortunate that they are not really helping. I myself is pregnant and am telling people not to get me anything from babies r us and I also don't plan on ever buying anything from them again.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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I am having a different problem. I ordered an egift card with Babies r us online, $420 dollars, but never received it.

It has been half a month and still no resolution yet. I am so frustrated.... I paid with two physical gift cards... there is no way I can do a refund like with credit card.

What I am told by Babies R Us is just keep waiting...

3-5 business days, then another 3-5 business days.... What should I do here:(

Waco, Texas, United States #948708

I am having the exact same experience with a $200 card I ordered online for my daughter-in-law. This has been going on for weeks with no resolution!! What a fraudulent company!


It happend to me too! I got 450$ egift card from my coworkers for my babyshower!

Came to the the store-0 $ balance!

Calling them (babiesrus)almost every day for past two weeks - issue still not solved! the only thing they told me- that someone used the card in the store and someone bought playstation 4 and other stuff like that (used several gift cards).

It's so frustrating for me be pregnant and be calling them with no help! Baby is coming in 20 days - so let's see...

Iowa City, Iowa, United States #611625

Babies R Us the store has nothing to do with Babies R Us online. They are ran completely different and e-gift cards are subjected to the same problems when not secure.

It is possible that someone may have seen the gift card or hacked your friends email. Babies R Us just scans a bar code at the registers and whatever is on it is what is left. Gift cards are created to not be tracked and it is really something that almost never screws up. This is 3 years of retail Toys R Us/Babies R Us speaking.

The only times a gift card has failed is when A) it is promotional and expires or B) someone just didn't know how much was on it.

I have yet to hear anyone be the victim of a gift card fiasco like yours though so I would say its an inside job. I am also a techy so really it wouldn't take much to do what can go wrong.

Take a picture of the bar code and 4 digit pin, then bring it as a picture on your phone and boom, its scanned without a second thought because that person has the bar code and the pin. Gift cards are indeed the most secure form of sales we have when they are physically bought.

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