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Placed an order online today with Babies R Us, then found the exact same thing on Amazon with free shipping. Tried to cancel the Babies R Us order immediately, but they wouldn't let me - IN CLEAR VIOLATION OF MY LEGAL RIGHTS AS A CONSUMER.

Their excuse was that within an hour of me placing my order, the item was wrapped and on a truck. I don't buy that for a second. They said that if I returned the item they would not refund the shipping cost - despite that fact they could easily have cancelled my order when I asked them to.

I don't understand what they had to gain from this *** ploy. Now, I'm going to make sure I take ALL my business to Amazon, Buy Buy Baby or elsewhere in the future, because Babies R Us are just not worth the hassle.

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I just had the same thing only I tried to change or cancel immediately after ordering since they were shipping order to me instead of where it should have gone. I called so quickly the order number did not show up with the customer service rep who said there should be no problem but supervisor would not be in until next morning.

I called again to check on it and nothing could be done. Shipment was in 4 separate shippings, 3 of which were over a week after order. They would not do anything to help. I paid extra to reroute to correct with UPS after thinking it was for entire order but found out only partial.

They used their policy as reason for not correcting but did not follow policy re: cancellation or change window. All I received were blanket emails "sorry for inconvenience".

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