When we were preparing for our first child, we purchased a DaVinci Peidmont crib from the Babies R Us in Austin, TX. While there, they talked us into also buying the conversion kit to turn the crib into a full size bed.

They put in the order for us and assured us all was in order. Fast forward a few years and it is time to convert the crib to the full size bed. However, when we go to convert the bed, using the conversion kit which the employee at Babies R Us ordered for us, it turns out they ordered us the wrong conversion kit. We called Babies R Us and were told these cribs were now only sold online and we would have to call the online department.

We called the online department and were told because it was after 90 days there was nothing they could do. We went through several layers of management before we were told they could give us a 25% discount on ordering the right conversion kit but that is all they could do. They also told us to call DaVinci to see if they would help. We called DaVinci and they stated they do not restock conversion kits.

First of all, why can't they do an exchange? They still carry all the items in question and it wouldn't be difficult for them to send the right conversion kit to a store where we would exchange with the incorrectly ordered conversion kit. Second, this 90 day policy is ridiculous. Yes, it make sense for some items but not for a conversion kit which you aren't going to use for at least a few years down the road.

It is just common sense.

Anyway, since the only option Babies R Us gave us was to give them more money, when this was their mistake to begin with, we ordered the conversion kit from another source. At this point, the only way they could properly resolve this situation is to reimburse us the cost of the conversion kit they incorrectly ordered to begin with.

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